DNA test ‘accidentally unlocks family mystery’ for ABC News correspondent

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DNA test ‘accidentally unlocks family mystery’ for ABC News correspondent:

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I took a DNA test and unlocked a family bombshell, completely by accident. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, and didn’t really know what I was doing. But I was able to make a family connection that I never knew existed, and it changed my life — and especially my father’s life — forever. My mother convinced me to take this test on 23andMe because she wanted to know what more about my ethnic, regional and national background. My dad was adopted in 1950 in Salt Lake City. We knew that, but we knew nothing about his biological family. Over the years, we always had some curiosity, but my dad never wanted to know. His adoptive parents were so important to him, he didn’t want to offend them in any way, and he thought that digging up some details about his biological family would create some rift within the family. He wasn’t interested, and so we never pursued it, but always wondered what was out there, who might be out there. My mother and father divorced years ago, and my mother had this growing curiosity about my ethnicity. I was over at her house with my wife, and we were just sitting around a breakfast table, when my mother was explaining to me that she bought me a DNA test because she wanted to know. At first, I was reluctant, thinking, “What difference does it make?” My mother is Caucasian/European, to the point where I thought, “Okay, what variation of British/Irish/Scottish could I possibly be?” But both my wife and my mom convinced me. My mom literally walked out with the test tube and said, “All you have to do is spit in this. We’ll fill out the online profile together, and then you wait for the results.” At that time, I didn’t know that 23andMe was also connecting relatives in this way through DNA. I had read about it, but wasn’t familiar with the process. I took the spit test and, right there at the dinner table, we quickly filled out the profile and all the details. After that, I went home, never thinking anything of it. About a month later, I get an email from the company that read, “We have your results.” I clicked the email and took a look at my profile and found some interesting things, especially about my ethnicity and my background. Of course, it was from my mother’s side because she had already submitted her test to the site. We could see all the Western European, the British/Irish/Scottish, that sort of thing, but then there was this other part that showed that I’m Basque Spanish, and I had a small percentage of Native American, as well. I knew instantly that must have been from my dad, but, again, didn’t think a whole lot of it. I started navigating the website a little bit more and found this tab that pops up that reads, “Your DNA Relatives.” Not knowing what I was doing, I clicked on the tab, and then this line of relatives pops up, but they’re all distant relatives, like third, fourth, fifth cousins. But all these interesting Spanish names pop up. I found that fascinating. The name that I grew up with
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