Does the DNC Hate America?

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The Democratic National Committee released their public statement for July 4th and it’s pretty obvious that the Democratic party is not a big fan of the United States. TheDC’s Vince Coglianese breaks it down in another episode of “Unfake the News”.

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Nick Sieber says:

What a farce. How can anyone still support their crooked ways. The Repubs are no saints but they the Dems are starting to show their true colors.

Ivan Great says:

yes they do

S Albro says:

They seemingly hate everything about America. Our history, our way of life, opposing opinions, our freedom of speech, our right to put our country and it's citizens first, the right to protect our borders, pretty much everything…

Draka Von says:

Yes. Absolutely. Without question! Their only offering is: "Let's burn down the house we all live in."

William Nelson says:

Yes. They hate America. Which bothers me because how can anyone born here hate it? We have a bill of rights. No other country has this.

respawn says:

democrats are still going to be elected and reelected no matter what. old people and morons only believe what they are being told to believe by msm. the left owns ALL media that reaches them. #walkaway and many other movements must reach those that are all but given over to the leftist marxist dems. four months till election and the dems are going insane in the media about everything!

Barney Five-0 says:

Why would a Jew like Chuck E. Cheese Schumer care whether Muslims were being discriminated against in America? Israel shoots them at the border every single day……..Ooops now I'm being anti-Semitic for speaking the truth, shame on me and shove it Israel

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