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Marcus Aponte says:

She nails it! How does the President get the lazy, do nothing congress to get shot done? Say he’s gonna do something outlandish!
Like hand over a citizen to be interrogated by a foreign power! Bam!
They got something done!
Sad lol
Chumps fell for it! But, has he handed over anyone??
But he’s gotten several of OUR citizens “handed” back to us!
Let’s continue

Marcus Aponte says:

Congressman is spreading more fake news, every person who works in law enforcement takes the same oath as soldier and elected, to defend the Nation against all enemies foreign and domestic!
Seems like he isn’t quite living up to HIS oath!
Meaning all agents of law enforcement have the duty to stop this interference at all times, the President doesn’t over rule our constitution, neither should any one, elected, or in any position granted them BY THE PEOPLE!
Let’s continue.

Rexgator says:

Fake Tapper's hair is hilarious. Looks like it came out of a mold.

Bill Meyer says:

Leftists are incredibly dishonest.
Was their collusion evidence in this trial? NO
Was their any information solicited? NO

And then they continue to continue the discussion as if all of the above has been proven as fact regardless that every information, witness screams NO.

stairs021 says:

CNN sucks. 4-1 all the time. Condescending, interrupting, left wing.

17seventySIX says:

Where is the evidence of anything these losers are saying..?

Bill Kidd says:

What about the Clinton campaign accepting fake info from foreign agents the hypocrisy is overwhelming

I know, but, says:

Do you know who they're covering for?

Kyles Isler says:

It's a real life Elmer Fudd!

Kyles Isler says:

CNN is a tabloid.

Al J says:

CNN = operation mocking bird

blazebla blah says:

People from center to right are mostly soft talkers and allow the lefty shills to interrupt and talk over them all the time. The guy has a stutter and the two creatures on the left wouldn't let him finish a thought. Grow some balls and shush those things.

Mr97239 says:

Russia,Russia,Russia… get over it snowflakes… put the proof on the table or lets move on.

Pauline Lancaster says:

Dosent matter what Trump does it will be wrong in the libs and MSM eyes lie lie lie

K Mac says:

Do you know who we now TRUST more than the Demcorat Party or the GOP RINOS? Putin and Russia. Awans WALK !!! / Scope Memo??? / Uranium One / Fusion GPS / FISA Abuse / No Hearings? / No Judges? / No Applications? / Mueller / Rosenstein / Brennan / Clapper / Rice / Power / Rhodes / UNMASKING / Obamagate / FBI / Immunity / Bleachbit / perjury / Huma / Mills / Weiner / Laptop / Blackberries / IRS Hard Drives / Smashed. / Foundation / UNSECURED servers / Pervert Island / Blumenthal / Steele / DOJ / Strzok / Ohrs / Page / Yates / McCabe 700K$+ / Comey / Memos / LEAKERS / Lynch / Tarmac / DNC server? / Awan IT / Seth Rich / Taliban 5 / Bergdahl / Benghazi / Holder / Fast and Furious / Las Vegas? What Las Vegas? / DNC Fraud / Podesta / Mook / Palmieri / Fallon / Jarrett / Obama / Hillary / McDonough / Priestap / IG Report / TREASON / Iran Ransom

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