Sebastian Gorka on Trump’s Trade Deal with the EU

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Dr. Sebastian Gorka on Breitbart News Daily (7/26/2018) – 10 Insightful Books to Help You Understand What President Trump Is Actually up Against:

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Reinitin Texas says:

I think the media that protects Hillary get their underage sex toys from her. #walkaway

Mathis Owiseone says:

The media is clueless. Trump is owning his detractors.

Paula Laflamme says:

I don't think the Crimeans want to go back to Ukraine.

Paula Laflamme says:

It's nice to know another human being knows about NK canceling their annual Anti-Imperialism holiday. I believe it was a whole week of events, not just a parade.

Rich Myers says:


hidden4 time says:

I hope Dr. Sebastian Gorka is a part of the Trump administration when Trump wins his second term.

mikeorclem says:

guys…guys…this is it////obamas' first eight years was bad because of george bush…all his great work will unfold during don trumps' eight years… it ??

Wind Walker says:

Just a little fly in ointment Crimea was inhabited by mainly Russians they had a referendum and voted to go with Russia!According to the last census held by Ukraine in 2001, more than 58 percent of Crimea self-identified as ethnically Russian, and 77 percent of Crimeans said their native language was Russian.

Jerry Hilbert says:

Don't ever notify me about Shepard Smith I could give a crap less with never what this little independent and independent homo calmness prick

John Hood says:

Only ugly fanatical war hawks call pursuit of peace treason. War hawks demand strife, death, and war. I support our president 's desire for peace and cooperative respect of Russia. Keep up the good work President Trump.

Marinka van Dam says:

Gorka looks ill to me. Like Bannon, he has a history of alcoholism and venereal disease. I suspect cirrhosis of the liver at the very least.

Astonishing that people, and not just extremely stupid Trump cultists at the lower end of intelligence, are still taking this pedo freak seriously. When the archives are released I suspect historians will find Gorka was the architect of the child separation policy. His wife works at DHS and he has the President's ear. Malignant pedophiles don't care about children's welfare.

Gorka's wife Katharine joined the Department of Homeland Security as an adviser April 2017 at a time when the department was discussing the separation policy. She must have had a hand implementing the policy, yet Gorka denied the policy exists. Gorka in fact owes everything to Katharine. Without her he would be a nobody. She's smart, London School of Economics and Oxford Brookes, whereas Gorka only has poor third-rate academic credentials. It's known that he has plagiarised her. In all likelihood his books are ghost written by her.

The truth is Gorka is a real life version of Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code" character Silas. At school, he was a catamite of one of Britain's most prolific pedophiles corrupting hundreds of boys in the British Army cadet corps he headed. Gorka's toadying sycophancy of Donald Trump has its origins in that experience, as well as his extreme right-wing political views and debating 'skills' (of course, like Hannity, he bullies rather than debates and this also he learnt at school from his pedophile teacher, a psychopath).

Fox News' resident Catholic #DeepPedo and Russian trained internet troll Sebastian Gorka spent his entire fourteen years schooling at a single elite UK Roman Catholic private school so infamous for its brutality and pedophilia that it was and is now the subject of both an internal and an ongoing external inquiry established by Theresa May, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) (as part of a larger inquiry into abuse at Benedictine congregations within the remit of the inquiry

The Vatican itself ordered an investigation, the first of its kind it has ever ordered in Britain, into the abuse thought to have affected hundreds of boys in the junior school alone

His middle school headmaster of two years, Andrew Soper, who fled to Kosovo to escape justice, was recently (December 2017) put away for 18 years for his crimes

Seb has never been slow to attack elites and especially when sexual impropriety is involved. Thus he has attacked both Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood in general over its pedophilia scandals. But he has always remained silent over his own elite background, plainly evident in his upper-class toff accent every time he opens his mouth. He's open to attacking Pope Francis over his 'globalism', casting him as a product of his upbringing. But he's never condemned Roman Catholic sex abuse, let alone the abuse at his own school, careful to deflect away from even the facts of his schooling. In this newspaper piece he described himself as educated by "Benedictine nuns"

It was Rupert Murdoch's The Times newspaper which first reported the rampant abuse at Seb's school Still unresolved is the question of who facilitated Andrew Soper's soujorn in Kosovo under the guise of researching a mystical strand of Islam in the Balkans Only emergency hospital treatment revealed his true identity. Who was shielding him?

Seb's elite school (the fees in the senior school are presently £16,104/$22,766 a year) was attended around his time by a few others who have subsequently become celebrities. They include a distinguished UK public servant and a comedian and novelist (X) who is a household name in the UK. The latter, who won a scholarship, has reminisced in his memoirs about the sex abuse, which he mercifully escaped, and the bullying he experienced from the teachers at the school, and has given evidence to the IICSA inquiry. Both of these are happily married, as indeed in fairness one ought to stress Seb himself is, and there's no reason to suppose that either were affected untowardly, at least sexually, by the abuse. But both of these attended only the secondary school, joining it at 11+ or later when their personalities were largely formed.

This was not the case with Seb. He spent all fourteen of his most formative years from the age of four at the school. The Jesuits had a saying "give me a child until seven and I give you the man". How much more true that must have been for Seb. If Pope Francis' 'globalistic' tendencies were the product of his upbringing as Seb says it is, what then can we reasonably deduce about Seb's tendencies?

I mention that Seb's middle school headmaster, Andrew Soper, the one who fled to Kosovo, was recently imprisoned for 18 years. His trial at the end of the last year (2017) was held mostly in camera and the details of his abuse were not made public. To an inexperienced eye the charge sheet might have seemed for the most part relatively benign. There was a single very serious charge of rape, but the other offences seem to have centred around touching boys' bottoms "checking for padding" prior to caning them for often trivial offences, for example walking down a corridor the wrong side in one case.

People misunderstand the scope of offending carried out by pedophiles like Soper at such schools. Their offending is typically institutionalised in its benign aspects, only the sexual abuse itself is kept a dark secret. Of Soper we may know nothing in detail, but typically it would have been common knowledge among the boys that he was so inclined, as confirmed by X in his memoirs in connection with another pedophile teacher, also convicted, at the school. This teacher, nicknamed 'Gay Dave', was a junior school headmaster in charge of the Cadet Corps , plainly a role model for aspiring army officers such as Seb might well have been (indeed eventually introducing Seb to the volunteer service of the British Army, accompanying his charges to annual camps in Wales Simlarly, Soper would have gathered about him a group of admirers (he was an excellent Maths teacher), and among these a group of 'special' friends who among other favours expected and dispensed would have been tasked with introducing fresh recruits to the pedophile paradise offenders like Soper openly constructed for themselves. In return for these favours they would have been made to feel special, even if entirely ordinary, and granted special favours of their own both at school and afterwards. J K Rowling's character Professor Slughorn is typical of the sort. Of course Rowling doesn't touch on pedophilia, but her account of Slughorn is dark for all that. The boys in these 'slug clubs' can't be said to have been complicit in abuse. They were corrupted and they were undoubtedly victims. But some will have gone on to be complicit after school. We know that Soper kept in touch with some of his charges, especially at Heythrop College, another elite institution (destined to close this year), where Seb went on to study for a priest (failing incidentally in that most modest of ambitions). It is those who maintained a relationship with Soper into adult life after school who are truly complicit in their silence.

What made Soper's, and others' like him, offending possible was a culture of pedarasty in the first place in which pederastic love for boys was openly acknowledged and accepted at least in its 'platonic' manifestation. It might sound extraordinary, but as recently as 1998 a group of parents at Sherbone Preparatory School (the primary department of Alan Turing's school, though he attended only the senior school) came out in support of a headmaster who had been barred from teaching over concerns about his tendencies towards young boys This culture would have been normalised at Seb's school.

This is the kind of environment Seb was immersed in all his schooldays. He cannot have escaped it. He has never been slow to condemn other examples of sexual impropriety, for example Hollywood pedophilia, but never the one that he himself was steeped in from an early age. On that he is silent. He must expect his critics to form their own conclusions.

He is a vicious and nauseating fraud, a freak who has failed in all of his three (so far) adopted countries — the UK which gave his father refuge but refused Seb an Army commission, Hungary whose intel community exploded his counter terrorism pretensions, and the US where both the FBI and the White House fired him. Only Fox News, an entertainment TV channel that supports pedophiles and increasingly serves as de facto POTUS, gives him credibility and a platform.

Kimberly Smith says:

Thanks for bringing us these audio interviews.

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