Ukrainian policeman uses tear gas against Associated Press photo reporter

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Yefrem Lukatsky, the photo reporter of Associated Press agency, suffered a tear gas attack during the protest against construction works in Kyiv’s Osokorky district. This was mentioned in the official statement released by the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.
Lukatsky reported that the policeman used force against him. The journalist sent the Union the law enforcer’s photo.

‘It’s tough to react in time when a guy in the uniform sprays the tear gas on you. And then, you actually go blind, which is never a good thing for the photographer. The uniform guy wears glasses’, he wrote.

A paramedic who was present there at the time assisted Lukatsky; he had his eyes washed, and then a doctor examined him, along with the others who suffered the tear gas attack.

The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine blamed the use of brute force, demanding an independent investigation.


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