🇮🇳 What’s next for the 4 million stripped of citizenship in India? | Al Jazeera English

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The government has excluded four million residents of Assam from its National Register of Citizens, so now they have to prove their citizenship.

Rights groups are worried this could lead to discrimination or deportation.

Al Jazeera’s Natasha Ghoneim reports.

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Saisravan Satturu says:

India is not a dharmasala

Ming Ming says:

India has no human rights!!!!
Shame on Indians

kiran pt says:

Aljajeera nice coverage why don't another Muslim country like Qatar don't accept them ,,,i Qatar is willing India will send them at its own expenses

raj sahoo says:

INDIA has 1.33 billion population but actually 80 coror people are Indigenous and citizens of INDA. rest are illegal migrator who are burden of our GPD and sucking our tax money.

Bhaneshwar sharma kafle says:

why aljazeera not showig what Bangladeshi muslim did with boro people in assam.. this channel always supporting Muslim only..

Vasudeva Kutumbu kam Whole World is One Family says:

Illegal bangladeshi should go there country who are coming and changing our demography.Muslim bangladeshi are rapist terrorist zihadi brainwashed radical muslim.They are harming us.

just live says:

Propaganda News Channel…go and learn again more from BBC and CNN…. Needs alot of work!! All the best

Tom needs long bong says:

Good, now you indians can also take your Illegal tamils from Sri Lanka

Dhananjay Patrikar says:

Jihadi media.

Dhananjay Patrikar says:

They will live in your Studio

S Hussein says:

They are illiterate and poor what the point of newspapers for them. They are in this position cause their religion tells them to be regressive.

Free says:

The filth of humanity pouring their hate in 3.2.1……

Anand Kumar says:

Only Islamic media aljazeera

Suraj Trivedi says:

Al Jazeera English is making fake propaganda news against India this news channel has only one aim to support terrorist groups.

Suraj Trivedi says:

Al Jazeera English is doing wrong language translation.

Syed Ali says:

Indians are the most ignorant, narcissistic, selfish, dumb people on this planet. They elected a mass murderer Modi, just Google "butcher of Gujarat".

clear speaker says:

we want this through out india

Tum Bi says:

India mother of terrorist

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