🇺🇸 Facebook suspends more fake accounts ahead of US midterms | Al Jazeera English

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Social media giant Facebook says it has uncovered a number of pages and accounts set up to influence the US mid-term elections.

It has removed 32 accounts and pages – which had almost 300,000 followers – it believes are fake and intended to create divisions before November’s vote.

Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher reports from Washington, DC.

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some body says:

Delete Facebook altogether. I got rid of it 3 years ago and never looked back. It's a social nightmare, not a media outlet.

chase says:

Such irony… So the USA hasn't meddled in other countries affairs via CIA, Military occupation, etc etc. Yet they're worried about a picture on FB from some person or group that lives in another country because they don't like what it states?

I do remember other countries and groups complaining about this very thing… Including ISIS. That they were being misrepresented via FB by Americans.

I think a couple planes were down into a couple towers due to USA meddling in other countries affairs as well…

Either remove all. Or all stay. Either all countries including the USA remove themselves from other countries affairs or all get to meddle.
You can't pick and choose who gets to do what based on one countries leaders viewpoint.
Or the viewpoint of one individual on FB.. if it's to be fair.

It's either all or nothing.

Vincent Washington says:

The whole entire Facebook website needs to be temporarily suspended indefinitely

Vincent Washington says:

Maybe Facebook setup fake Facebook accounts to bolster profits?

BIG A says:

Fake news. Shut it down!

Lawney Malbrough says:

So the fake accounts are the noe's that put out hate speesch against Donald Trump! I very much doubt that these accounts are Russian prchestrated acounts. Most likrly they are sponsored by Iran. or even Goerge Soros himself.

fart face says:

EVERY account on AIDSbook is fake. Do away with unsocial media all together. Its all a waste of time.

Silence Theleft says:

Most of them were fake liberal pages ahahaha.the liberals keep saying it's all conservative Russian bots but in reality it's liberals who are the Russian bots ahahahaha. 2 of the pages were abolish ice

c431inf 11b says:

How about just shut down. Oh wait only allow accounts that share your pov lol

Spiffy Gonzales says:

I have friends who got their accounts deleted because apparently they are fake -_-

terry City of Liverpool. says:

It should suspended it's own site. It is a joke and is only after the money it earns them. They don't care about the user. That's there words.

naaz zubedi says:

Legal actions should be taken against the people or firms that give out fake news. Under publication of false information. especially in India

xXunAmorX/x says:

If you're a Conservative go to RT Russia Tv and commet , You'll be attacked by 100s of deranged freaks . I can be rude but RT has the most volatile Social media subscriber , It's like trying to talk to most Black people it's impossible

Doug says:

Surprising Al Jazeera managed to keep an account open?

Ross Hoyt says:

wow you guys are just trying to stress out americans with your reporting, but pretty accurate reporting nonetheless LMAO

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