Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, rethink this

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Produced by Jason Elliot & Lex Villena

Narration by Christian O’Brien

1791L – A Weekly Video Journal of Culture


1791L says:

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Andrew says:

When you confuse capitalism for corporatism.

David Kelly says:

That's firing line? I thought it was Oprah's book club

Honestly, though. That host isn't a republican. She's a pretender, pretending to be on the right in order to help forward leftist ideas.
Or am I missing something? Does everybody know this already

JustComments123 says:

Dem Soc means a gradual move towards common ownership of the means of production, through democratic means.

Yarosara Ruil says:

You can have all degrees in the world, but if you are still a wide-eyed naive 28 year old who still has years ahead to master the ideaologies you stand on, you will always sound ignorant.

Emil Jensen says:

I think it’s a mistake you guys don’t lean harder on Alexander being the narrator. Christian did an okay job, but why not play to your strengths, when you guys obviously have a fantastic narrator sitting on the bench?

Fennec Besixdouze says:

Worth explaining that there are two terms: "social democrat", and "democratic socialist". Democratic socialism believes in supposedly democratic control over governance coupled with market socialism, which is collective ownership of the means of production which attempts to use decentralized planned markets to allocate resources. A social democrat believes in free markets with private ownership, coupled with economic and social interventions. The Nordic model is social democracy, not democratic socialism. The US model is also a mixed economy-type social democracy, with arguably less free markets than where the Nordic models are successful. Of course, Sweden has flirted with market socialism, which resulted in a swift collapse of their economy and massive amounts of misery, suffering, and death. They quickly abandoned those socialist policies and are still recovering.

NuclearLily says:

Ocasio-Cortez – Hernan Cortez

busridetohell says:

I love you!

Steven Zelko says:

@10:28 "For them, problems like that of economic calculation, are mere obstacles to realising the great utopia. Their ideas, systemic failures, and Communism's unrivaled death toll, for this reason, are conveniently dismissed by the rationale that it hasn't truly been attempted. For no reason other than leaders, as virtuous as they, weren't in charge. They blame individual dictators like Stalin, rather than sacrifice the entire doctrine." This is a gross mischaracterisation of their stance, and you make the same mistake that you lay at the feet of folks like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The history of Communism throughout Russia and China has direct ties to globalist agendas looking to bankrupt those economies. This same brand of economic warfare that institutions like IMF and CFR have been waging in Latin America since the end of WWII. The claim that socialism "hasn't been done correctly" is actually justified, as those instances were never meant to succeed. You only need to look at the current climate in Venezuela, where capitalists, backed by colluding media conglomerates, paint a picture that the populist socialist revolution there is causing widespread starvation, when in-fact the reality is that basic necessities are being withheld by the stalwart capitalists left in the country. The same capitalists that engage the above mentioned institutions to bring about so-called coups "in the name of the people", but are funded by the individuals and groups who currently give arms to the embattled Ukrainian forces to fight the overbearing Russians.

In short, your claim that capitalism "lifts people out of poverty" might be true, but there is a cost to be paid. And being a slave in a system that requires your economic obedience is no better than the poverty that you came from, and in some instances might actually be worse.

Fennec Besixdouze says:

I really, really like the change in narrator.

Aram Shakkour says:

>no video about Trump and Putin meet up

Callsign Frosty says:

I mean, Israel can get fucked – but not for the retarded reasons she stated.

Codename Carrot says:

Every interview with her i have seen makes her seem like she has no idea of even basic economics. How does a person like her come to a position like this?

Terra Sancta says:

This is brilliant stuff. Meanwhile the zombie mainstream media keeps peddling lies and pretends they still command the narrative. Great stuff

Derick F says:

Really well done. Most of this is old news to conservatives but you explained it well enough that even a liberal could understand it. I have a couple friends I’d like to watch this.

JOE40341 says:

People like Cortez are dangerous.

Timothy Miller says:

This may sound strange to most, but if THIS is the model of what
y'all envisioned for "American Lampoon" or whatever it was,

I'm kinda diggin' it now.

mrob456 says:

Socialists and commies should be ostracized and treated just like Nazis.

MrGenedancingmachine says:

The face of any movement always throws out the most vanilla watered down version of what they're representing to try make it palatable to the masses, while all the horrors temporarily get hidden in the background,
eg. "feminism? …it's about equality, that's it.."

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