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Hey guys! My apologies for making this video! I really don’t mean to cause any trouble. I just had the temptation to make this video because she has taken it TOO far. Hating on me in the comments and calling me names and saying my avatar looks like crap. Usually I would let this go because.. come on.. what can they do to me? I met her in ROBLOX and the same thing happened to me there. She got a friend of hers to also comment on one of my videos. I’m just so done.. I’m sorry I had to make a video like this. Hopefully it will not happen again.


Queen B ROBLOX says:

Yes, I am aware that I am a twelve year old playing with toys. I’m not ashamed of that. I’d like to see what some of you do on your free time. Some adults even still make videos with toys, at least I’m a child. Do not hate on me for this either. This is what I like to do, respect that. I’m sorry I had to make this video.. Please don’t be mad at me for it. READ DESCRIPTION PLEASE!

asa asasasad says:

U make this for likes and hates me peww

asa asasasad says:

Stay away form me????? Wow troller

Kaydee Chisholm says:

I'm so sorry brook

Christian says:

Well she can’t hate on my channel

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