Does Infowars Contribute To Jewish Pro-Israeli Propaganda ?

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For a while people have believed that Infowars is a shill-operation for the Jews and Zionism. The information in this video will lend more evidence to those beliefs and show that Infowars articles written by Paul Joseph Watson also appear on a Zionist propaganda website based in Israel. Go to the following links provided to investigate for yourself!

Christopher Bollyn: Making Sense Of The War On Terror:

Jews News Articles and information:

News article

Paul Joseph Watson Search

About Us

Infowars Articles:

“Dirty, Stinking Belgian”: Migrant Gang Pelts Handicapped Old Lady With Stones

Putin Says “Powerful Forces” In U.S. Aggravating Russian-American Tensions

NBC Promotes Parents Who Refuse to Assign Gender to Their 3-Year-Old Twins

Belgian Politician Says Civil War in Europe “Closer Than We Think”

Paul Joseph Watson The Jew Question

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