Huge Anomaly Coming from Antarctica, Multi-Wave Pattern Over Caribbean Sea

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More anomalies caught on MIMIC Map. Once again we find a huge mystery pattern coming from the same area in Antarctica. We also see a strange multi-wave pattern in the Caribbean Sea.

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far out says:

Rex Bomb nanu nanu

Jeff Larkin says:

We've seen these before I would like to see the heat pattern for a little longer.

Charles Murry says:

Secureteam10, for all of his crazy UFO woo, did a really good video on this phenomenon, and traced it to the region of the Antarctic…a peninsula known only as "Rothschild"

Constance White says:

They are making HURRICANES‼️

Todd P. says:

Waves of WHAT? Is this a radar image? What kind of energy is being shown here?

ohitsu stu says:

It's an electro magnetic connection point, to the stellar core, probably. Check WSO recent post. This is all way past what man can do. God is in control and if y'all repent to Him through Jesus, all fear will go, only hope, joy and peace remains. Cheers Dahboo.

Stu art says:

Eyes to the open

SeeTheWholeTruth says:

Thats no Mystery Island.. Thats Ascension Island. You want to read some crazy… Largest Landing Strip in the World.. no one allowed to land a boat.. not even to fuel the base that operates there… not to mention the rest of it.. The brits just turned it over to one of our three letter dark power clubs in the usa too… Thats one deeeeep rabbit hole there.

the resistance says:

All ways from Antarctica…

TTC says:

This is not the first time I have seen THIS

Freedom Fighter says:

Weather modification im guessing

Dane Burns says:

Could be causing the dust storm in Africa which is suppressing hurricanes in the Atlantic

Sara Fran says:

Could this be from hollow earth

Gloryma Nazario says:

Where the waves come from in Venezuela, is the same place that earthquakes are happening since yesterday. There is no coincidence. Look at FunVisis seismic network of Venezuela and you will see that is the same spot. Weather manipulation or man-made earthquakes.

Iaman Empoweredone says:

If these waves are suddenly moving the air, they should make some very interesting, very loud sounds.

michaelcason22 says:

I save all of these anomolies to my playlist. I have quite a few now.

come an take it. says:

Mmm mmm could it be that's a gate to the rest of the world?? Gate to shambala? An there ending our existence inside the ice wall?? Hmmmm

Sea Sands says:

Song…Talking Heads- Big Business/ I Zimbra!!!

Praying Mama says:

Did you see the one over Texas?

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