Mark Dice Doesn’t Get It!

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He continues to whine even though I have messaged him the solution to his problem several times.


j mace says:

He gets it.Mark Shouldice is a Council For National Policy (a CIA Front) Asset by way of being intimately tied to Alex Jones/Infowars. Mark has close connections to youtube insiders. I have been watching his content long before his channel got big. EDIT: He's Controlled Opposition.It's all Mindgames and Psychological Warfare. He wrote a fucking PUA book. What more do you need to know? He has somehow scrubbed the most damning videos about him from youtube years ago. I'm not a jealous hater of him. This is objective analysis. Watch the film series "The Secret Right" by Josh Reeves if you still trust Mark Dice. and don't believe for a second that he is the Persona he portrays himself as online.

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