Milo Yiannopoulos RIPS Delusional Feminist In a Debate About Sexism LIVE On TV

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soul wolf says:

Excellent analysis

Sate Anne says:

Is this metokour?

Sate Anne says:

Wimmins and their tiny brains.

Patrick Holman says:

Brilliant. Subscribed.

Mike Lawrence says:

holy crap they got nothing better else to debate? lmfao

Joshua W says:

This is John Ward's video. He did all the work. You suck

Todd Stefl says:

9:30ish. Did she say that there are only two genders?
How hypocritical and transphobic and anti-LBGT and blah, blah, blah.

Mr HappyFace says:

The $65,000 question: What part of the feminist brain is malfunctioning, driving them to try and shove a square peg into a round hole (no question mark)

Jory Cassel says:


Ron James says:

You can talk to feminists until you're blue in the face. They are so stuck in their dogma, that they can't listen to reasonable, structured arguements

Doctor Octagon says:

The black lady that thinks sex don’t affect ones athletic ability has never done a cycle of steroids.
My max bench went from 225×1 to 325×3 in a 3 months with no change in lifting regime.
I suddenly had a boner almost all day. My girl fast got weary of my grabbing bed. Only time in my life I got road rage.
And may hair started falling out.
My first cycle taught me half what I think is hormonal. Everyone should do 1

TheBlackCat viewerAccount says:

This is john ward's video….

Till 8:34

Bill Borrett says:

Emily Grossman is so fit, she is a right sort.

Johan Kotze says:

In South Africa there are also doctors but they are actually witch doctors. I think she comes from South Africa.

Imantas #7 says:

Good analysis love it..

Betty Alford says:

Shut up play the video and let me form my own opinion.

Mr. Fox says:


Nic Harvard says:

Here is an interesting thing.
I taught my kids to play chess at the age of about four.
The best at that is my daughter, now fourteen. She hasn’t bothered to play since about age eight, when she found she could beat her year-younger brother six times out of ten.
He likes the game, gained interest the only time he ever beat me, and still plays at a medium good level.
My youngest son never showed any interest at all. He’s not stupid, it’s just not his thing.
He learnt the basics in a few days and decided it was boring.
I don’t care one bit what they choose to do. Everything they enjoy, they do well

Voice Of Freedom says:

This is definitely a video made by John Ward.

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