Real News Full Show-Social Security Single Payer-Ponzi Scheme

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Full Show July 31st, 2018- David Knight touches on the social healthcare issues and the lies within the government. The censorship among infowars is still ongoing and David Knight tells you how you can spread the word to help protect free speech. As well gets into marijuana prohibition and the never ending argument with the deep state.

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Robert William says:

The left liberal democrats severely
offend me, does that matter??

Merlin Grim says:

If you want affordable healthcare then your first step is to prohibit the government from getting in the way. Second step is to prohibit companies from extending or re-patenting medical inventions. Let the free market reign and you’ll see prices drop like it does on every other industry where the government stays out of it. Kill Medicare and Medicaid, to force people to take personal responsibility for their health choices.

hvd iv says:

Venezuela ring a bell?….yep it works

Badboyteddybear says:

Look up Bernie Sanders saying 'Single payer Medicaid would bankrupt nation'

ken james says:

Real Fake News!

Whodat Iz says:

OH YEH, 2 Hours of Brainwashing Really Fake News!!!!!!!!

I LIKED THIS VIDEO ! ! ! says:

Real News Full Show-Social Security Single Payer-Ponzi Scheme

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