Russia’s PM Announces Crimea’s Full Integration Into Russian Federation

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The Crimean Republic has completed integration with Russia’s economy, infrastructure and judiciary, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced while speaking to members of the Sevastopol city government.
“We faced an unprecedented task, both in its difficulty and in its scale – we had to integrate the peninsula in the Russian legal, infrastructure and economic fields. Today we can say that the hardest stage is over and we have started the more stable and planned work regime,” RIA Novosti quoted Medvedev as saying on Monday.

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Einar says:

What was first in Crimea: referendum or Russian armed troops introduced on the streets of Ukrainian Crimea? RUSSIA STOLE CRIMEA.

Kelly Patrick says:

This is the Prime Minister that knows about aliens , their technology and their invasion.

Kimberly Gause says:

Theres a Julian Assange petition that needs urgent signatures right now in case anyone is interested. WWG1WGA!

moonbeam043 says:

um actually the former president of Ukraine asked Putin for help leaving the country when he realized he lost the country. Then Russia made their claim on Crimea which was basically theirs when the coup started. didn't know about the pyramids though.

hayesman76 says:

Awesome news. The people of the Crimea voted — THEY WANT TO BE FULLY PART OF RUSSIA.

Sherri Hillstead says:

Thank U Dahboo 777 for bringing this too all of Our attention Woha spiritual warfare time is ticking praying for all who are lost ears to hear eyes to see partial Spirits one in the Holy Spirit Jesus Christ Our Lord savior Redeemer Messiah Alpha Omega the beginning and the end fraud protection safety are Health spiritually physically mentally socially and every year he has our soul prospers in the body of Christ in the unity we all need to come together we are the body of Christ God bless too everyone n Ur family's ♡

Chris Sullivan says:

And of course killary

Chris Sullivan says:

Crimians had a referendum to get back with Russia. It was Ukraine that objected

ohitsu stu says:

There must be a crime 'ere.!

Stive Rosen says:

Maybe china will help navajo liberate their nation? Or the occupied west bank of the mississippi?

Power Vapor Supply says:

I'm afraid the Death Star is quite operational…

Zeek Duff says:

Crimea is a VERY important port for Russian submarines and support ships, the Ukraine is/was a distraction so they could complete the annexation of Crimea, which they're not about to give up now, ever. Can't say as I blame them, although what's happened in the Ukraine is despicable, typical behavior of a dictator like Putin. That kind of power is what makes tRump envious of these evil asses, he'd love to become one of them. Not going to happen in this country…

Ryan Bye says:

Trump said this is the calm before the STORM. Tick tock xmas week is just months away. Wish you all a safe xmas week. Starting dec21st

Claude Chicoine says:

So the video stops just before the end. I guess me watching this won’t show as being watched.

S. Woods says:

Good they (the people there) voted to go back with Russia and 0bama tried to stop that after the USA helped do a coup and put a Globalist government into Ukraine.

Paul Tremblay says:

Soon Israel will do the same with Golan Heights, stolen from Syria

Iyam Nobaudi says:

I hope it all works out for them.

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