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Mario Maldonado says:

Support the United States of America and it's Citizens vote in November this MATTERS there will be another judge retiring from the supreme court and that's what really matters

mike minor says:

They are definitely scraping the bottom of the barrel for reasons why people should hate Trump. Pathetic

cujo0750 says:

Youtube won't let me hit the like button.

Triple fife says:

OH man the whole segment. Too funny.

SoDopeRhymes says:

here a russian, there a russian, everywhere a russian bot

Gary Daniel says:

SNL has always been political. Nothing new there. Ford was a terrible president. Carter turned out to be not so good. I didn't vote that election.
Making fun of the president is a big part of SNL. They are lefties though. To a fault. I haven't watched it in so long it's changed maybe. Hopefully it got funny.

Adam Apophis says:

Winning ! Keep it happening.

BallerDog says:

That son of a bitch. How dare he say that about Fraiser. Take that back you cuck

Drew Drew says:

They removed your ability to make money

themadredneck says:

So David Hogg thinks he is relevant. That's soooooo cute! …if being a complete moron can be cute.

Brian Dantonio says:

Rob for governor

Jason Kauppinen says:

They're corporate comedians.

Trepp says:

RussiaRussiaRussia… It's old!! I'm so sick of these assholes. Sick mentally ill people everywhere!!! It's been over a year n half and these idiots are still crying! LOL

TheT0nedude says:

The democrats are shameless hypocrites, years of liberal propaganda in schools and universities and they have the balls to think they have a right to be upset over the political bias of a potential governor with his daughter. You couldn't make this shite up.

J Sweatt says:

According to Kappy, Colbert is a pedophile. Go figure.

video80634 says:

It's not that there is a Russia collusion, but rather a "Media" collusion. AND it just goes to show you it's not working out well for them either.

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