Gregg Jarrett RIPS The Russia Narrative To SHREDS

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TheDC’s Derek Hunter interviews Gregg Jarrett about his new book: “The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump”


birdie says:

love gregg jarrett. thanks for having him on!!

D Storm says:

Wasn't Strzok friends with one judge?

Thomas Evans says:

Thank goodness for a host who can actually READ the freakin’ name of Jarrett’s VERY important, VERY well-researched book! I cringe every time Sean Hannity calls it “The RUSSIAN Hoax”! I keep waiting for Mr. Jarrett to publicly correct him for his inexcusable gaffe – Mr. Jarrett is FAR nicer, and FAR more patient than I am, obviously……………

Bobby Wilhelm says:

#1 Great show, best news and guests.

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