Sen. Feinstein had a Chinese spy on her staff: report

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Luke Rosiak, investigative reporter for The Daily Caller, discusses how Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) had a staffer who passed along information to the Chinese government.


Motoko Cheng says:

Those spies and China propganda activities have started working siginicanyly in San Francisco when Bill Clinton time. Clinton let China to join WYO. DNC has been having long realatioshi with China since FDR time. Now stated reveling. Thank you very much, Mr. Trump.

truth beknown says:


truth beknown says:

The only people that are miss led by the Democrats are the black people and we all know now that black people are VERY weak minded and will be their demise, cause the Mexicans are taking their place . Hey if the blacks dont care neither do we.

Jude Blanch says:

Why’s the media ignoring this? Betrayal is a sitting US Senator caring more about people in other countries than the people in the country she serves. Feinstein’s husband has profited handsomely and improved his investment opportunities from the greatly expanded China trade.The FBI should raid her home & office before she deletes, bleaches and whitewashes everything.

Mike Watkins says:

oh the irony

Truth Lover says:


john k. says:

Chinese driver: " we go Epstein Island now miss feisntein?'
Feinstein: "no dumbass, everyone knows you have to fly to Epstein Island but they'll supply the 'pizza'. now keep smashing these hard rives with that hammer Wong…….Hillary missed a few"

david romero says:

Human rights advocates should be crying
The smart money says they don’t care.
Everybody that walked into her office is comprised. The Chinese know who you are. Don’t go home,your life depends on it. Good luck to your family if they are not already in prison.

david romero says:

I want the list of people who had meetings with her that might have had anti China interests like Tibet freedom advocates . What happened to those people are they still alive after visiting her office? Anybody who visited her office that is anti China is dead. No one cares. This story is going nowhere. You are a fool if you think that the green hornet’s driver was in actuality a spy story is going anywhere. This story is DOA.
Free Tibet?
Fuck off Tibet. China has infested California with spy’s. Look at ethnic Chinese rentals and where they lay. All of them are around sensitive IS interests. Tech and military that’s wherever spy’s are.

no halo says:

hmmmmm doesn't her husband make his money in china! she knew

Hindu Nationalist says:

Free Tibet please!

Eric x says:

Arrest and execute Feinstein.

Ernest Reichardt says:

The FBI is totally corrupt ! Dianne Feinstein is a Spy for China ! And the FBI sits on their thumbs ! What a stinking corrupt coward Punk organization the FBI turned out to be ! When I was a kid I used to watch The FBI on TV I thought the FBI was great but it turns out the FBI and CIA are just 2 corrupt government agencies that have been protecting the people who are selling America down the drain with the FBI protecting Treason !

ForAmerican says:

The guy reporting this, who is he? FBI? CIA? FOX employee? Anti-democrat? Why is the spy not arrested? China is seeking someone? Why does that make him a spy? Idiot.

robert cobianchi says:

it looks like female dems are bad news for dems. lock them up

TilDeath1776 US says:

Hell, she was probably getting. Kick back from his Intel to opposition.

TilDeath1776 US says:

Clinton has a Muslim sympathizer work for her, huma abedein! With ties to Muslim brotherhood!

blaze 2017 says:

I honest think she was leaking to the spy or she would of wanted him prosecuted

RedRoofRetriever says:

Why hasn't this office manager / driver been arrested?

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