🇺🇸 US: Charlottesville deeply scarred one year after deadly protests | Al Jazeera English

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A state of emergency’s been declared in the US city of Charlottesville – in advance of the anniversary of a far-right protest that turned deadly.

In a tweet, US President Donald Trump condemned all types of racism and acts of violence.

But a year on, the city’s still deeply scarred by what happened at last year’s the Unite the Right rally.

Al Jazeera’s Andy Gallacher reports.

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ctguy591 says:

HEADS UP , russian propaganda scum all over theze comment boards desperately trying to save their useful idiot trump , POSING AS AMERICANS !

phil greene says:

black lives matter because they are the ones being murdered by the police/faschists/nazis/rednecks/judges,and oh, yeah, white people. equality starts with exposing the opresstion of people of color. Yes, I'm white as a hospital bed sheet.

DeVouR Playz says:

When Al Jazeera English was a reputable site and not baiting

George W Gordon says:

American blacks and their white friends are destroying America and CNN leads them on. Chicago blacks murder their fellow blacks to the number of 800 per year. This violence will spill over onto very American street if CNN and it's friends of the BLM can implement their Anti-American agenda.

Billy Boy says:

Should kill the mom too

jayram dahal says:

namasta US from nepal

قاهر حكام العرب الخونة says:

Americunts are barbarians

J Scha says:

I believe this lady also played a mother in the Columbine school shooting.

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