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The travel plans of 55,000 people across Europe have been disrupted after Ryanair pilots went on strike.

One in six of the budget carrier’s flights have been cancelled as pilots in Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands walked off the job over pay and conditions.

Al Jazeera’s Dominic Kane reports from Berlin.

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Jacob Smith says:

No! What a waste of $5!

In all seriousness this is very unfortunate and I feel very bad for the people who had their flight cancelled. Hopefully they make it somehow.

GreatWall OfMexico says:

What an outrage! Used to be that airlines would put the traveler up in a hotel room when it was their fault that the passenger's flight was cancelled. What has happened to business courtesy?!

rohit nautiyal says:

That’s what happen when you fly dirt cheap airlines and that’s what you get.

sweet dreams says:

Why do pilots strike lol, it’s Because they have secure jobs so they can stand up to any small unfairness. In other jobs if you complain , they have someone to replace you fast.

Gee Speller says:

So much for white privilege

ercan kilic says:


phil the finadelphian says:

They just want Ryanair to increase their costs so that other air flights can compete, simple as that, and if they don't cooperate with their dilemma, they will find any means to make them, and in turn ruin them financially.

Libert Siagian says:

while illegal muslim terrorist keep pouring in… well done europe

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