Brazil’s Elite Are Fleeing Bloodshed and Chaos- “I’m Totally Freaked Out”

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Amid the economic, political, and social collapse, Brazil has been described by many as being in the midst of a “zombie apocalypse” as years of corruption and violence spectacularly implodes all at once.

Horrified by the out of control violence and pessimistic about the nation’s political and economic outlook, thousands of wealthy Brazilians are now fleeing the country.

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Guided Meditation says:

Brazil is a Globalist hot spot.

The Holistic Green Garden says:

may want to reassess that whole globe thing too!

Doreen Whittemore says:

Brazil has been getting purged free of necromancers. Thst is causing most of it.

Critical Of Everything says:

Where ever you gentiles elite run to there will be no safety.

If you think this is rough, have not seen anything yet.

Most High is bringing his judgement on all the wicked.

Stacy. Robbins says:

I wouldn’t mess with BRAZIL!

Shelly Filippi says:

Isn't this funny that the elite are running away. When the elite are the ones that are starting all the problems but they don't want to sit here and deal with it. Unbelievable may God have mercy on there souls.

K Diva says:

Can't read the comments

Darren Tobias says:

Good Brazil needs to be destroyed for what they did to the slaves in the slave trade who are really Yahs chosen people good riddance Brazil.

Huw chardon says:

Kill the elite and illuminati, we have no choice, things are happening worldwide that are scary, we have numbers, are you ready?

Michael Maritato says:

Look what is happening in
Chicago ILL. As far as violence it seems it is world wide unrest. Just like the plan of the U.N. "global" control is their conception.

Ava's Angel 555 says:

Fuckin' A, right? We as a ppl ..

Gareth Roberts says:

My brother's are on way home 4days into a three wk holiday got some footage on phone.

Cyrano De Bergerac says:


chris leonard says:

I thought the Brazilians wanted to get Bolsonaro in.

Triple Mexican 619 says:

The globalist are going to hit Brazil with plague

DataStorm says:

trannys, like in Thailand. brazil has the highest number of missing persons in the world.

The frog says:

Socialist are the problem.

fiodor dostoyevski says:

''There is a time for everything , a time to kill and a time to heal , a time for war and a time for peace , a time to mourn and a time to dance'' etc etc (Ecclesiastes )

So , now is time to kill ( not 'a time to dance' ) , kill = fight against this monstrous global tyranny , the global financial system = every country

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