Conservatives Rush To Alex Jones’ Defense

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Alex Jones is pathetic. Cenk Uygur, and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Watch The Young Turks YouTube TV NOW:

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“Conservative media is ramping up its battle with Facebook after the platform banned Alex Jones’s Infowars website from its platform.

Conservative sites questioned whether Jones was being signaled out because of his politics, and whether Apple and other tech companies that have also dropped Jones were abusing their power.

The Drudge Report’s banner headline for most of Monday was “Apple regulates hate.” It also included a link high on its site to the conservative Gateway Pundit site that said: “Are Tech Giants Working Together to Censor Conservatives?”

Infowars editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson criticized Facebook’s decision as political censorship.”

“This is a co-ordinated move ahead of the mid-terms to help Democrats. This is political censorship. This is culture war,” Watson tweeted.

Prominent right-wing internet figure Laura Loomer also decried the bans.

“Infowars played a big role in helping @realDonaldTrump get elected. BIG TECH is currently trying to influence elections by banning Conservatives. I’m actually depressed,” she tweeted.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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Daniel Clark says:

Laugh and rejoice about Jones getting censored today, you will be next.

x RednitA x says:

Banning him for conspiracy theories? You see what's wrong with that don't you?

Ben Shapiro says:

Cenk sucks dicks

4c1dr3fl3x says:

Just remember that the President of this country called Alex Jones directly to express his admiration & direct support for his "work".

Mexlycan Filmico says:

Hate speech should be banned.

James Patrick says:

80% human 80% pig hybrid?Intresting.

LgnShorty says:

I cant wait for these people to get censored off the sites . Remember they saying that starts out . First they came for the Jews. Very slippery slope. This channel is a bunch of race baiters that spew hate .

DavesWorld says:

The school shooting thing is something Jones backed away from and wasnt a recent event that caused a strike. Even people like Jimmy Dorr who hates Alex defended him. Its more about who is next.

Darth Beaver says:

Shut up everyone you disagree with and ideas die

Piazzi Olbers says:

On TYT standards, this is defamation against Alex Jones.

Lambros Kapsalis says:

This channel sucks , you guys are idiots and totally blinded. This channel is pathetic! Period!

Sanitys Void says:

Videos with content against my gun rights will hence forth be considered hate speech.

M. Benstein says:

TYT does not get it as per usual

mark haas says:

According to Alex Jones, all of the Sandyhook litigants who sued him lost their cases and had to pay his legal fees through Slap-back rules. In other words, he didn't say what they accused him of saying, and the ambulance chasers they hired deceived them about their chances of winning in court. So now the Fake Media are spinning it that Jones is sending SandyHook parents to the poor house. "What a monster!"

Konqueror 1 says:

Does she not understand he is already back on YT with a new channel?

Solo2201 says:

Ana stop showing so much fear ffs

RedXlV says:

Jimmy Dore is also rushing to Alex Jones' defense. TYT should fire his ass.

Patricia Lomden says:

Lol I just can't get over that clip where he says "sex planes" and then puts the accent on the second syllable of "perVERT." LOLOLOL

Judith Osorio says:

Lies are a Cancer to humanity, and they lead to perdition.

kingbillybob says:

Both of you are really bad actors, and what you do is disgusting. You are pissed because Alex and Roger made you their bitches on the internet (I watched, and Trump won, regardless of your dribble). You are so whiny!!!!!!! You are the true cuck!

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