HORROR! Wells Fargo KICKS Out Hundreds of Homeowners After EPIC Banking FAIL

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Patrick Chu for CNBC reports, Nearly 400 Wells Fargo customers lost their homes when they were accidentally foreclosed on after a software glitch denied them the ability to modify their mortgages as they sought federal aid, the bank disclosed in a regulatory filing late Friday.

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Hockey Alley says:

I got scammed into two interest only loans and the agent told me it was not when I bought my home. Avoid this bank.

ElijahJohn888 says:

Q is code for QUICKSAND 🙂 8/11/18 ~MARANATHA~

Tripp Harris says:

Wells Fargo CEOs should be in the prison cell right next to Hillary Clinton and Maxine Waters

Justin Bozeman says:

At least they owned the mortgages on those homes… Several years back Bank of America had a typo and they went to a home that they did not own the mortgage on…. As a matter of fact the people did not even have a banknote they own their home outright.

and Bank of America went to the wrong address and repossessed the house and sold off all its contents while the people were away on a vacation.

can you imagine coming home and other people live in your house at all your possessions are gone and you did not even carry a mortgage on your home you owned it fully.

don't get me wrong I'm sure that the amount of money they got from Bank of America for that was astronomical and put them in a much better living situation.

but some people like to have pictures of their children and memories and things from there family instead of having everything you've ever had thrown away.

pondering human says:

Obviously this bank is run by liberals who do not care about the damage that they are causing!! Define "software glitch"; when a programmer is instructed to prepare code that deliberately declines customers who are trying to save money so that they can continue to be "good" customers and pay their mortgage. Five years to fix?!?! No, five years to defraud homeowners until the heat was off enough that it was safe to rewrite that part of the program!! Think people; a bank with no integrity is NOT the place to put your money!!!!!

Scott Fabian says:

I quit doing business with these Wells Fargo scum when a 13 cent overdraft on my part resulted in well over $400 worth of charges.

I will NEVER have anything better to do with these lowlife, dirty scumsucking, greedy, backstabbing shitheads.

You might consider this when deciding on a bank to do business with.

Shop Grunt says:

So the feds force Wells Fargo and BOA to buy failing Countrywide Mortgage subprime loans and DEMOCRATS who can't afford a mortgage lose their homes.

Ronda Meier says:

I find it hilarious their new ad campaign. Don't bank with them for any reason. If you want that bank put in check, then DON'T BANK WITH THEM! And I thought pocahontas group prevented things like this…… Roflmao! Right!!!

Marie Koh says:

Hell's Fargo thought Hitlary was going to be president, so they let it go. Now they can't co's Trump is President — nowhere to hide.

Joseph Van Zandt says:

Every few years, Wells Fargo is outed with another scandal. Anyone who banks with WF needs his or her head examined.

Philip Williams says:

Dear Wells Fargo Board Members. Do you remember the days when you were the most trusted company to carry payrolls and mail and everything else people would trust you with back in the wild west? You have fallen so far from that status, it is pathetic.

MrAkaalis says:


Lisa Irizarry says:

My Freedom of speech censored! Douglas M.Ducote Sr.,,,, Watch pls

Lisa Irizarry says:

Must watch pls, I don't know what to do… David Harris Jr.

Lagnaf Irby says:

over 11,000 views and only 10 comments. this does not look right is this YouTube cuz I know the viewers on this channel comment a lot more than this. let me go ahead say my comments so they can delete it Off 2. do you remember when Wells Fargo open multiple accounts on each client so they can suck money from them clients by saying they wrote hot checks. Did that not come to over one and a half billion dollars and they only had to pay back like 400 million hell of a Payday.

Tim Cory says:

Arbitrate my ass! If they lost their homes due to WF "errors", all previous agreements should be OFF. LET THEM SUE!

M&M_RatPack says:

Apologizes won’t shelter those people who lost their homes! Hell’s Fargo needs to be shut down!



Bb Rr says:

No I think Wells Fargo did that to them to make more money they don’t care

Chainsaw Surgeon says:

It was a disaster, not a glitch.

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