Opinion: Trump’s Worst Nightmare? Being Forced To Tell The Truth

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Attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Jay Sekulow have been publicly griping about special counsel Robert S. Mueller III setting a “perjury trap” for President Donald Trump.
However, in a Politico opinion piece, columnist Jack Schafer notes they’re ignoring the fact that while their client has tweeted and spoken at least 4,229 alternative facts since the inauguration, Trump knows how to tell the truth when placed under oath. In a libel suit against journalist Timothy L. O’Brien in 2007, Trump conceded in his deposition that he’d told 30 whoppers over the years. They included lies about his debts; his wealth; the size of his stake in a Manhattan development; what he charges to give speeches; and the size of the Trump Organization. Having grown accustomed over his long career of telling a dozen different versions of events, he’s mortified at the consequences of having to tell a binding truth that leaves him no space for obfuscation or creative doubling-back. This is why he refused to release his income tax returns–after having promised to do so. Releasing them would pin him down to a single, definable group of facts.

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