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It’s rampant. It’s infectious. And it’s spreading – fast!

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Paul Joseph Watson says:

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Michael Echeverria says:

0:57 Islam I'd a fucked up religion.

1:28 3:21 Damn.

2:07 Looks like Drake.

3:46 Lol, Black people.

datfloppynoodle says:

Modern day feminists are a form of cuck. The women refuse to be "abused, oppressed, or downtrodden" by white men, but can wait to throw themselves at the mercy of middle eastern immigrants.

Dalton Chew says:

If I was the pilot I would take off and roll the plane upside down for shits and giggles.

Martha Rush says:

This is a comedy

Forget says:

Paul, could you kindly link your sources in the description? Thanks.

Exertio says:

Are the left that fucking stupid? I swear they are actual retards.

Christopher Hurkmans says:

I wonder if this utter cretin realizes that this guy would beat and rape her for shits and giggles.

Michael .Wise says:

Watch DIRTY HARRY. A film from way back in 1971. MORE relevant today than it was then.

IChromatiicI says:

I suggest that we switch it up and send these idiots to Iran and bring over the Iranian women that actually deserve freedom.

Kunis Chillecke says:

The things going on here in Europe are insane.

Fefnir Eindraer says:

dumb as f*ck….

Hadi says:

Hey Paul where do you live?
Love your vids.

MeconiumStorm says:

The more elegant term would be "altruosis".

mrpatt1983 says:

She should be killed.

Luciano Borg says:

And then they wonder why it is called Stockholm Syndrome!

WinFix says:


Thememelord 101 says:

what about boris johnson

dmytri koslowisk says:

waman defend who attacks woman… what a time to be alive

P. Alex says:

They should have rewarded that blonde dip-stick with a day out with the guy she saved.

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