Re:Lord Jacob Rothschild Claims “New World Order” Is At Risk (DAHBOO777)(Barak Ahmath Yasharahla)

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Kal halalyam YAHAWAH WA YAHAWASHI barak ahtham/ 12 tribes of Israel/ shalawam to the elect/ 144,000/ nation of Israel/ “negroes”/ “indigenous people”/ lost tribes of Israel/ the LORD’S peculiar nation/ esau/ edom/ heathen nations/ Rothschilds/ Rockefellers/ Bildenbergs/politics/ media/ Satan’s devices/Mark of the beast(RFID Chip)/ spiritual warfare/ Trump/ government/ federal government/ elite international banking families/ throne of iniquity/ Egypt/ babylonian customs/ paganism/western culture/ unrighteousness/ curses/ economy collapse/ famine/ famine of the word/ terrorism agenda/ Muslim agenda/ JFK airport/ protests/ uproar of the people/ project megiddo/ WW/ year of DDD(Death, Destruction, and Dilligence)/ civil war/ martial law/ WWIII/ America( mother of harlots)/ NATO/ Iran/ Russia/ Syria/ middle east/ travel ban/ N.Korea/ China/ Japan/ ICBM’S(arrows)/ Armageddon/ Judgement day


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