The Absolute State of the UK Right Now

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Boris Johnson did nothing wrong.

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I'm Triggered says:

Is this Paul Joseph Watson's version of the thinkery?

Clive King says:

He just said what we see! They can wear it but it's not accepted by this countrys people so if they don't like it they can leve!

Robert Craighead says:

Yes, Being born with a vagina is a good enough reason to make their lives shit.

Joseph Kawecki says:

The UK is fucked. I cannot understand the idiot women and men who aren't Muslims who defend the right to wear it.

The Spearmeister says:

Why tf would a woman wear a Burka to begin with? Can they even see out of those things?

Niall says:

#AbsurdBritannia never dissapoints


My way, your way
Anything goes ♫

Gabriel Correia says:

Talk about Bolsonaro, and the rise of Right-Wing on Brazil.
Besides iam braiziliam and love your vids.

Pancok is good Mooch says:


Eric Peters says:

The UK is so fucked.

ericpj1984 says:

What crime carries a worse charge? Robbing a bank or Cultural Appropriation

John Brim says:

I,m Ginger and I have suffered hate speech all my life because of it lol!

Philip Wells says:

jesus fucking christ whats going on with the left

Cissy2cute says:

And on and on down the rabbit hole….

Aye Jay says:

Boris as the PM would be Savage

Boneless Cereal says:

Paul going the Sargon method of content, I see. Nice

David Young says:

Boris agrees to attend the independent investigation and turns up wearing a burka like the one pictured!

SouthernInquirer55 says:

Boris proved himself to be a total idiot when he fell in line with May on the Skripal poisoning false-flag attack.. The international repercussions of that are wide-spread and ongoing and may yet lead to a major war.. Compared to what he has said and done in that fiasco this is a ZERO. But sure, he's right in this case and PJW is right to support him.

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