The Debate – Saudi-Al Qaeda Deal

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Strange alliances or perhaps not so strange afterall, Associated Press has uncovered the very close relationship between Saudi and Emirati forces and Al Qaeda in Yemen. It appears instead of fighting Al Qaeda, as Riyadh and its backers in Washington claim, the Saudis and the Emiratis have been handing out a lot of cash and weapons for some terrorists to join their ranks and fight with them against the Yemenis.

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D Outcast says:

the UK = terrorist
it was the British military that created Saudi Arabia & trained them as Wahabbi terrorists for more 100 years.

D Outcast says:

Both Republican party & Democrat party are saudi/Israeli terrorists.

D Outcast says:

Al Qaeda = Saudi Wahabbi terrorists

D Outcast says:

Saudi Arabia = Satan

Ssa AA says:

Dogs will never be a threat to their musters.

Danielle Marin says:

54 seconds in and already this jackass Mike Lane has proven he is up the ass of Zionist Jewry with an absurd remark like Al-Queda being responsible for 9/11? somebody needs to get him up to speed, we all know the USA created, funded, trains and supplies Al-Queda with hardware. Give me a break. JOKE.

canadagirl1973 says:

JMJ ✝. The Houthi Rebels must be getting hold of sophisticated weapons somehow. Then they must be hiding out amongst the civilian population (thus the civilian casualties)? If so, the Houthi Rebels should not be doing that as they are putting the Yemeni civilian population at risk. Not to mention, do those civilians really want Houthis ruling over them?

Idah Elgae says:

His man frm washigton is 8nthe cocos land soon SA rran out o f money usa has to fight them selves and huthies will give them a lessen hopefully.

Idah Elgae says:

he still repeãts old lies why his opinon matters

Peter Knopfler says:

This is NUKE week Hiroshima and today Nagasaki USA days of SHAME killing 250,000 people mostly children women. USA DAYS OF SHAME.

jCentricity JC says:

Guy from DC is moron he doesn't even make sense. How can a group small group of terrorist like alqeda be threat to most powerful empire on earth. Is this guy from DC kidding me?

cammino1984 says:

It's not difficult to understand, Michael Laing: Saudi fascists love their terrorists and so do the US. The funding and support of terrorist groups will continue as long as we the people vote corrupt politicians/psychopaths into power.

faiz abidi says:

Saudi are the supporter of terrorist.

Monirul Islam says:

Iran is not a Muslim country. They just call them self Muslim to cause destruction and caos of sunny muslim

Monirul Islam says:

Iran is terrorist state. Iran goal is to destabilize the region. Iran finance alqaida to kill sunny Muslim. Alqaida never attacked Iran. Saudi was attacked by alqaida many times. Irannian Shia mullah and government is number1 enimy of islam.

jason okwaho says:

Russia has a pipeline going through Ukraine into Europe that they are going to shut off when they get the new pipeline built so Ukraine can't keep stealing gas from Russia.

Zaki Muhammed says:


Masroor Hassan says:

Al qaida did 9/11 and USA invaded Afghanistan in the name of terrorism and now we r hearing saudi al qaida USA are same prostitute sons of Israelis bastard.

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