They’re Coming For Me Next

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anon ymous says:

There used to be a manager of the Atlanta Braves baseball team who would rock back and forth in the dugout for 9 innings. Mark, you are starting to look like him. Btw, great videos and keep up the good work.

Excalaber ll says:

Well done Mark. From down under ✅

Ole Nielsen says:

SoyBoy checklist:
High pitch voice (low T)
Early receding hairline (bad genes)
Big glasses (bad genes)
Scruffy beard, hiding a weak jaw-line (low T)
Weak body (never done sports or any physical work)
Bitchy, dishonest attitude,- use slander and lies, instead of truth and discussion.

They all look the same, but this SoyBoy scores high!

0_BTS 0_Kpop says:

So is this the guy who was jealous of BTS's beauty and singing?

M M says:

CNN are angry because infowars have more crediblity, but so does sponge bob haha..


Arcig6 says:

Your channel is awesome!! Keep it up!!! I love watching how hypocritical people whine and get destroyed by logic.

Stephen Ehmann says:

You will always have my support Mark

CREvothegreater says:

oh lol mass migration from low iq shithole countries is nuthin 2 worry about…..they love us……

SpraYeRS77 says:

That little dweeb is the dream of zionist kalergi agenda.

Neil A says:

Keep up the good work Mark Dice. Greetz from Japan.

zomg222 says:

They cant argue with you all, they cant prove you wrong, they cant provide facts to prove you're wrong… they will disappear you….typical nazi fucks.

Austin T says:

We got your back Mark!


cnn is bullying people exercising their right to freedom expression (the 1st Amendment). i tgink the us military should step in and destroy facebook youtubes and twitters censoring ai algorythm, its clearly out of control and presents a clear threat to the national security of the usa

PoM MoM says:

MoM and PoM luv your channel and your support for OUR President Trump

epoolio says:

I just checked channel to see if youre here. More of my subscriptions are going away day by day.

David L. says:

CNN is like that snitch in prison. That never ends up well for the snitch.

Commander #1 says:

Mark u need to make your own web page for when they shut this channel down, the people need your voice to continue for actual news.

Skip Stones says:

We need a t-shirt with Vladimir Putin wearing a Trump hat. It’s genius. You would sell a million.

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