Alex Jones LIVE From Home thursday Night 9th August 2018, Infowars Livestream Periscope

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*Disclaimer: This YouTube Channel is not affiliated or run or managed or owned by any affiliate of the Alex Jones / Infowars brand or Google / YouTube. It is an INDEPENDENT channel that broadcasts and re-streams BREAKING news as it happens. Any action against this channel for the ‘crimes’ of Alex Jones / Infowars will be met with legal action. The Alex Jones / Infowars Channels were terminated for allegedly breaching terms of service on certain videos. THIS channel can NOT be taken down as a result of those videos on the Alex Jones Channel that were in violation of Google’s Terms of Service.


William R Hall says:

The truth is.. Sandy Hook was government staged. Stick to your guns Al. What, are you going to apologize for insinuating that 911 was an inside job?

Youtube Tv says:

This was my video.. my channel was terminated yesterday after getting 3.6 MILLION minutes of views in less than 2 days….

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