Christopher Farrell of Judicial Watch Speaks on Hillary Clinton Emails and FBI IG Report

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For this week’s video edition of The Daily Daily Caller Podcast, Derek Hunter sits down with Christopher Farrell of Judicial Watch to learn more about how he helped to uncover the Hillary Clinton private server story.

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Lord Sango says:

Must of been some good nose candy there Mr. Derek Hunter. Now I really want to read that book of yours. JW are second to none when it comes to FOIA and research on crime & corruption in our government. Their work has actually helped Congress and DOJ officials to get justice served quicker. The wheels of justice are super-slow or no movement at all. JW gets those wheels moving and nobody does it better. True researchers and journalists indeed. Keep rockin it steady in 2018. Jeff Sessions and Rosenstein are not the answers. Chris Wray is a joke. These guys are heads of DOJ and must be replaced asap! Perhaps the people of JW can be their replacements for the sake of justice and the republic of Americans.

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