Joe Wayne & The AntiCoIntelPro Show com Presents ACP313 RED MEAT LINKS

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renegadebiker24 says:

Joe, Check out my video on my channel titled "My opinion on why Alex Jones was kicked off YouTube", as well as "Some of the reasons behind YouTube Censorship (Opinion) on my channel. I do make some controversial videos on my channel under the playlist called "Controversial Videos", and I have yet to be censored by YouTube. I think that a lot of it has to do with AdSense. I do recommend that you and others do not use AdSense, and that is the reason for the censorship, because it is not "Advertiser Friendly" is why your videos are being demonetized. I do not monetize my videos for that reason, plus, it is a ripoff. You are basically hoping that one of your subscribers or even a viewer is going to click on the ad, but something from that ad, mention your channel, and then you get a percentage of the result of that sale. In reality, YouTube and AdSense as well as the advertiser of the ad gets about 95% of the profit from that sale, while the Video Creator gets probably less than 5% of that sale. Basically it is a Pyramid scheme and a scam. By doing the AdSense, you are killing yourself with keeping the AdSense on your videos.

N Brown says:

At this point I say fuck youtube I hope the servers get destroyed!!

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