WATCH LIVE: Embattled FBI Agent Peter Strzok Testifies Before House Judiciary Commitee

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Peter Strzok, The FBI agent who faced scrutiny for anti-Trump texts leading up to 2016 election testifies live on Capital Hill.

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Catherine Jarman says:

He is a rampant anti-deplorable – what a little, destructive, self-serving sneak 'We have outside checks and balances' – not much use when they consistently refuse to hand over documents. What a corrupt organisation

The Prophane Philosopher says:

How completely humiliating for any honest FBI agents!

Tyr Magnum says:

Nice intro you got there. It would be a shame if someone just @14:47

Amy Sidders says:

Take all of his answers and put “unless it’s Hillary Clinton”, and that is the real story.
Funny how he answers all questions the Dems ask, but none the Republicans ask. And was happy to make a lot of “if Trump” statements.

Bob Beckel says:

I would hope the public would detect the panic among the Democratic Party
whenever the FBI is asked about the non-existent Russia investigation. Why
are the Democrats rushing to the defense of the FBI? What are they hiding?
Will the voters figure out by November the Democrats used the Feds?

Eric Anderson says:

One hundred Million to Zero. That is not bias!?!

Bob Beckel says:

Strzok is a bigger liar than Comey. He is perpetuating the Russia hoax.
To date, the FBI has produced absolutely no evidence of Russian interference
in the 2016 elections. Because there is no evidence, we also know the Trump
collusion claim is a hoax. Strzok is definitely one of the 40,000.

ExposingLunacy says:

Wow, GOP. All this to protect a sleazy, two bit con man who is now our president thanks to Russia. A new low.

huddless50 says:

Peter Strzok expects everyone to believe he would never ever allow his bias to interfere with his job investigating a person whom he hates based on the released texts and has admitted to feeling disgust for. If a person will cheat in their marriage than how can anyone believe that person won't cheat on their oath and employer, in this case the American people.

Demented Roofer says:

I feel like even though he’s a race pimp id still drink a beer with Eli Cummings

Demented Roofer says:

When did he ever find time to throw his dick into Lisa Page all these late night text messages.

Paul Roy says:

There are three glaringly obvious ways the FBI exercised bias. Clinton associates were given blanket immunity, so nothing compelled them to testify. Trump associates were spied on and imprisoned as a psychological torture in order to try to force them to compose false witness. Clinton's team was allowed to physically destroy copious email evidence. Trump associates had their computers seized Gestapo-style in early morning raids. Finally, Clinton was interviewed without so much as a transcript, let alone any recording. Trump has been expected to answer without counsel and with full recording. Strzok should get life just for claiming there was no bias, as if his countless emails expressing his love of Hillary and hate of Trump weren't proof enough.

The leftists do nothing but lie through their teeth.

bhk110 says:

This whole thing is a shit show, regardless of the lying on both sides, the indictments and guilty pleas speak for themselves. Impeach Trump!

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